Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Atiim,
View their work and voice your support
As Director of Communications, I am based in Partners In Health's Boston office. Like you, I often rely on our colleagues on the ground in Haiti to hear the latest updates.

This morning I took a moment to look back through many of the pictures that have come across my desk in the past 12 months. In every photo, the resilience of our Haitian colleagues -- every one of whom has experienced the loss of a parent, child, sibling or dear friend -- is overwhelmingly apparent.

And today, it's clear to see that we've made a real impact in Haiti. Thanks to your donations and the hard work of our colleagues on the ground, Haiti's story has become more than a tale of tragedy -- it has become a story of hope and dignity against all odds.

Take a look at these photos to see what we have achieved together -- and then leave a note of support for the men and women doing this vital work. 

Zanmi Lasante, PIH's Haitian sister organization, and its 4,000 Haitian staff played an integral role in rapid response efforts in the days and weeks after the earthquake. Your support also helped us to maintain a constant presence on the ground. To date we have treated over 200,000 patients at PIH clinics in spontaneous settlements, and we've more than doubled our mental health team staff to 70. And as we continue to serve those in need, we've redoubled our efforts on important long-term projects that will improve public health in Haiti for years to come.

Some of those projects are large, like the new 320-bed teaching hospital we're building in Mirebalais. Others are of a smaller scale -- like our work with a young woman named Carmene whose legs had to be amputated after a wall collapsed on her during the earthquake.

Doctors from PIH and our partners at Hopital Albert Schweitzer fitted Carmene for new prosthetic legs two months after the quake. Now, she has joined the rebuilding effort herself. Hired by Zanmi Lasante as a Community Health Worker, she supports the mental and physical rehabilitation of other patients with disabilities.

Carmene's story is just one among hundreds of thousands in Haiti. But it illustrates the real difference that we've made day in and day out thanks to the support of people like you.

Every day our Haitian colleagues are at work serving their community. Please take a moment to see how much progress they've made and leave them a word of support -- we'll be sending all of your messages to our team in Haiti. 

Thank you so much for getting involved with Partners In Health and Zanmi Lasante. I feel deeply, deeply proud of our work -- and so should you.

With profound thanks,

Andrew Marx
Director of Communications

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 1, 2010

Dear A Thousand Wordz and; D.N.A Brewing Organization:
As you know the response in the days following the earthquake in Haiti were both immediate and critical. After my initial trip upon finding my mother safe, I knew that I had to return to Haiti and deliver immediate assistance to the people of Haiti. Currently to date the money we raised has allowed us to:

* Organized a Medical Clinic administered by New York partners (Marly and Qaid) in conjunction with
doctors and nurses from Humanity First
* Provided additional medical supplies to the Humanity First Clinic in Turgeau
* Bought & Distributed food to Families in Trugeau: 525 lbs. of rice, 600 lbs. of beans, 118 lbs. of cornmeal,
155 lbs. of barley, and 120 lbs. of pasta
* Bought 100 large temporary housing structures made with canopies (10ft x 12ft) and tarps
* Installed 2 water filtration systems which will produce and provide over 1000 gallons per hour.
* Bought art from local artists to be sold at Fundraiser in Seattle
* Delivered 5400 gallons of filtered, potable drinking water

Your contribution of $500.00 will be directed towards rebuilding Targeau, an area of Port au Prince where my family is directly affected. We have identified a total of 9 homes & 1 school that need to be rebuilt. When others were still debating how to deliver assistance, we were doing it. In a matter of days and from hundreds of miles away from Haiti we mobilized, found the resources and hand delivered them. We could not have achieved this without organizations like yours.

We are the conduit for the contribution to humanity that you wish to make. Every dollar you donate goes to help people in Haiti affected by this devastating earthquake. I thank you for your faith in me to deliver assistance and create a better life for the people of Haiti. And I hope to have your continued support in this task to rebuild Haiti. Please continue to follow the progress we make via our website blog, (L'Union Fait La Force).

With Sincere Gratitude,
David Pierre-Louis
Executive Director
Farah Ebrahim
Development Director

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The DNA Brewing Organization:
Who? What is that?
The RhineStone Carboys: 
Who are the RhineStone Carboys?

Biographical information for artists involved with event on Featured FolkZ

A Thousand WordZ: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

a night filled with mixed genre arts and artists, a thriving community of creative folks raising awareness, and some creative fund raising for Haiti relief.

Cost: $10 sliding scale

Enter and you will find art, photography, DJ's, great live music/bands, some great food, and beer by donation brewed by local brewers to raise funds for clean water, medical supplies, and food for Haitians in need. That is a night, and a $10 bill well spent. Come join us in celebrating diversity, and community.

The evening will go from 7pm to 12am in the Theater, and there will be some smaller after parties following from 12am - 3am. So far...

First and foremost ~ Design & Support:
reFRACTion (lighting and audio),
Lux Capacitor (lighting and audio),
and Ridah Ridah Entertainment

Sonic Art:
Dahrio Wonder (R&B), Dragon Spit 22 (Hopadelic Rock N' Soul), Divasonic (Live Electronica), Ecdysis (live world folk n' soul), DJ Manny Black aka Kosmic Kid, pending: Mixed Nutts (vocal acappella), and DJ "Big Willie" AdamsXandra (Acoustic Blue Soul), and Freedom Bean (Funky Expressionist Bass), and Marcell William (R&B).

(all or most art is for sale ~ some proceeds will benefit Haitians)


Live Photography:


Local 365 Crew: (Paintings)
Suzie Ferras, Pete Doolittle, Paul Barron, Lauren Stower, Anthony Kurtz, Chirs Granillo, Lady Reni, Asha, & Luis Marroquin.

Project Elefont Crew: (Paintings)
Chris Granillo, Lady Reni, Suzie Ferras, Lorenzo Vasquez, Manny Fresh

Live Art crew:
Suzie Ferras, Pete Doolittle, Chris Granillo, & Lady Reni

Live Projection:
Anthony Kurtz

Decoy Galorina.

Tasty Art:
Pat Brown (Gourmet food), Hood Chefz (Gourmet food), DNA Brewing Organization (in collaboration with Rhinestone Carboys Crew), and maybe, just maybe... delicious sweets made by Maete.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Haiti Hopaweizen ~ $5 minimum donation.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Back in visible ACTION!

A Thousand WordZ
Hello Community!
February 27th, A Thousand WordZ is organizing an event called

We will be located at the Oakland Noodle Factory from 7pm - 12am+.
Photoraphy, paintings, liveperformances, and art, and music, artists, and world citizens will be present to experience. Some home cooked fooood, and home brew...

Extra Special Information:
We are brewing a beer named "Prince-of-Porters", and Haiti Hopeaweizen, which we're giving away for free at the event. We, however, HOPE you will honor our time and commitment to brewing these special drinks, and make a donation to our efforts to support Haiti in their time of need. (Some potential recipients) We have researched a number of non-profit organizations (501 c 3, both charitable, and corporate) to give our raised donations to give aid to Haitians in their time of need. You can also donate to two other causes; New Orleans, and a couple of local non-profits of your choice. Get at me if you are interested in helping. A Community Urban Soul Project Collaboration. Many collaborators to be mentioned. Stay tuned.