Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Friday The 13th: Arize

Event name: Friday The 13th: Arize
Date: December 13th, 2013
Location: The Marquist 3807 San Pablo Avenue
Emeryville, California 94608
Doors: 6pm - 12am ($10)
25% of proceeds go to these two organizations for Philippine relief work~

Tattoos for $13 + $7 tip from 12pm - 9pm/ first come first serve

This event is a cross pollination of arts from live tattoos, artwork, art expo, vendors, food, and drinks, to give a GREAT place a GRAND OPENING & and to honor the Philippine Island Disaster.

Please come and support the Philippines! 25% goes to Tigra: (! They are actively rebuilding 5000 boats for the fishing communities affected by the devastating typhoon that recently hit the Philippines! 60% of all people affected were living in fishing communities. Let's help them become self-staining again! 

The Phoenix is the symbol of the people who have been devastated arizing from the ashes!

1. DJ Offerings (Audiopharmacy)
2. DJ Offerings (Celeste Lear)
3. DJ Offerings (KAmau BAkari ABayomi)
4. Vocal Offerings: Atiim Chenzira
5. Band: JJ Jamz

1. Jack Eastgate
2. Freedom Bean
3. Joel Thompson
4. Lorenzo Vasquez
5. Eghan Thompson (Sculptures)
6. Calvin Grey (Master Artist)
7. Two of the finest tattoo artists in the BAY
a. Nucleah Disasta
b. Noah Boyes

Culinary Vendors:
1. Daniella Bensimon (Mediterranean foods)
2. TBD

Drinks by donation and proof of age only:
Barista: Rachel Gregory
1. DNA / Rhinestone Carboys

Fine Art Vendors:
1. Eghan Thompson (Jewelry)
2. presents Among The Veils
3. Please contact for more information, or to be included in future shows.

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