Sunday, February 14, 2010

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A Thousand WordZ: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

a night filled with mixed genre arts and artists, a thriving community of creative folks raising awareness, and some creative fund raising for Haiti relief.

Cost: $10 sliding scale

Enter and you will find art, photography, DJ's, great live music/bands, some great food, and beer by donation brewed by local brewers to raise funds for clean water, medical supplies, and food for Haitians in need. That is a night, and a $10 bill well spent. Come join us in celebrating diversity, and community.

The evening will go from 7pm to 12am in the Theater, and there will be some smaller after parties following from 12am - 3am. So far...

First and foremost ~ Design & Support:
reFRACTion (lighting and audio),
Lux Capacitor (lighting and audio),
and Ridah Ridah Entertainment

Sonic Art:
Dahrio Wonder (R&B), Dragon Spit 22 (Hopadelic Rock N' Soul), Divasonic (Live Electronica), Ecdysis (live world folk n' soul), DJ Manny Black aka Kosmic Kid, pending: Mixed Nutts (vocal acappella), and DJ "Big Willie" AdamsXandra (Acoustic Blue Soul), and Freedom Bean (Funky Expressionist Bass), and Marcell William (R&B).

(all or most art is for sale ~ some proceeds will benefit Haitians)


Live Photography:


Local 365 Crew: (Paintings)
Suzie Ferras, Pete Doolittle, Paul Barron, Lauren Stower, Anthony Kurtz, Chirs Granillo, Lady Reni, Asha, & Luis Marroquin.

Project Elefont Crew: (Paintings)
Chris Granillo, Lady Reni, Suzie Ferras, Lorenzo Vasquez, Manny Fresh

Live Art crew:
Suzie Ferras, Pete Doolittle, Chris Granillo, & Lady Reni

Live Projection:
Anthony Kurtz

Decoy Galorina.

Tasty Art:
Pat Brown (Gourmet food), Hood Chefz (Gourmet food), DNA Brewing Organization (in collaboration with Rhinestone Carboys Crew), and maybe, just maybe... delicious sweets made by Maete.

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