Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Thousand WordZ

Hello Community!

Do you have photography, paintings, words, song, poetry, and music…talent to share?

I am Atiim Chenzira, organizer of A Thousand WordZ

A Thousand WordZ is an Ezine and a Community that is rapidly growing. We're started as a Benefit Organization and Music Collaborative and will eventually become an Ezine when our community grows stronger. We use a medium which allows artists to share their gifts and talents, arts and creativity, technical know-how and editorial knowledge with each other. We’re inviting you to join our communtiy and to submit your works for our future publication. We focus on Audio and Visual arts, which could be anything you do; short stories, essays, journalism, poetry, photography, paintings, drawings, song- lyrics, rap/hip-hop, rock, reggae, punk, spoken word, whatever… We are moving in a group and erecting something that is useful to us all.

This is how it works: You read the theme of the upcoming issue. You send us your works. We configure the Ezine accordingly. We set up events to display our works. For your contributions to the Ezine we provide a link from our Network Section (Voltronnection) to either your webpage or email address. The Network Section will be open to the public and we will give snippets of recordings and a tour of our site. For more information please contact us at or use the links above.

The First Issue:

If you have any works that fall under any of the titles above, please send them. Pass this on to your frendz:

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