Friday, November 04, 2005

an affiliate organization set up to help you all enter a world of networking.

So hello everyone...
Some of you know me, some don't, either way... I'm Francesca Cosentino, a San
Francisco based photographer and Co-organizer of A Thousand WordZ, & I've been working together with a team
in New York to get a community feel back in artists networking... check
this out! If you like the idea, hop on! Cuz it's moving fast! I am the
west coast rep for the manhattan project and I would love to bring us
all together to reap the immeasureable benefits from an idea of this
quality! This is for creativity of all types! Performance and visual
arts of ALL kinds...Here's a little bit about... The Manhattan Project...

our group is forming an independent interactive community website for
creative people.

it is a free easy to use and search posting site with an events
calendar, contact profiler,
collaboration profiler, city blog, essay posting, online virtual photo
gallery, and propaganda marketplace.

the site is dedicated to a non-commercial, for artists by artists
approach. the simple approach to the site is to focus on the artist and
the artist's work, not the intricacies of some complex hard to use

the site is launching in nyc in March 2006. we will then subsequently
launch in other cities like sf, london, la, chicago, tokyo, minneapolis,
amsterdam and many more.

until then you can see the trailer here:
if you are interested in being apart of the propaganda campaign,
if you are interested in advertising, email us
if you are interested in being involved in the manhattan projectdocumentary, email us -
if you are interested in being put on the contact and mailing list,email erica -
Feel free to forward this on to your friends.
We are putting together a very large easy to use database for artists of all kinds.
Once again, thank you for your interest and support.
~the manhattan project team

The days in between

A Documentary of the Manhattan Project

As a team, we are striving to make sure that the site is free for our users. We are putting together a large propaganda campaign to launch this in various cities around the world. The goal is to get the artist and music communities around the world to get to know each other a little better. To give people in different cities the chance to see what others are doing and possibly participate in. We are planning on filming this process as a documentary. We have received a very warm response from people all over the world and are very excited about the project.

In the interest of staying true to the concept, we are opening up the documentary process to the artists and musicians as well. We feel that this is a good opportunity to promote and celebrate.

Here are the parameters of involvement:

We will send you a handful of generic The Manhattan Project business cards for participating...

You film up to but no more than 24 minutes of your life promoting your art or music...

It should start with a brief bio of yourself or group and the city or town in which you live.

Feel free to be as creative as you would like. This is the essence of the entire project. Feel free to incorporate interviews, skits, stories, original art, original music, etc.

You are the director of your submission. feel free to mold your film however you would like without doing anything illegal and/or putting anyone in harms way.

It is encouraged that all submissions be in digital format on CD or DVD.

Once your submission is ready, please email for details where you are to ship it.

Remember to have fun. It should be fun. It’s art.

Please note: all submissions are subject to editing to finalize the documentary. all submissions will become property of the manhattan project and will not be returned. all submissions that make it into the documentary will receive a dvd and their information will be in the credits of the film.

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