Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Interested? How Can You Help?


A Thousand WordZ has a project to introduce and interest you creative people to. I am Atiim Chenzira, organizer of A Thousand WordZ, and I am interested in Community. A Thousand WordZ uses a medium of Blogs to open a forum for the community, a place to share and network.
A Thousand WordZ is the name of the organization and our mission is to create community through sharing different art forms under similar themes and uniting to share our sacred gifts and talent for special causes like the Hurricane relief and local issues of hunger or homelessness etc., our human disasters and social ills.
How it works:
It works by publishing your works and sharing your experiences and gifts with others. A Thousand WordZ doesn't want to reinvent the wheel, we want to open our community to everyone.
We invite the creative magic in our creative community to shine together. We invite your critic, your submissions, etc...We invite you to participate in building community. A Thousand WordZ will publish and share your business contact information and whatever else you have to share. We'll share your photography, paintings, research papers, creative writing, poetry, links to your music, etc... We want community submissions of any kind to create and fill this meeting place. Make it your home page... We have sections to address most anything a community would need or want. Let's open our circle and invite community in.

How can you help?

By reaching for the bigger picture... A Thousand WordZ invites community to share and build.

Atiim Bomani Chenzira

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