Tuesday, December 27, 2005

TRUTH: It hurts sometimes, It is violent sometimes, It is raw sometimes, but it is.
The reality of our world is Capitalism and the food we work for to feed the beast's life. We realize that the struggle is easier to bare when more are shouldering the cross. Beat up and worn out we struggle to make it by and be unseen. Conflict is the last thing anybody wants when they are tired. Hmmm.
I'm tired and many more are too. Exhausted is a stronger and probably more appropriate concept.
What do we do about it?
Communicate or pout?
Reach out or go down without trying to?
Build up or scatter like Babel?
Well humility is needed to rebuild, because it was arogance that destroyed the tower to heaven.
What is heaven?
A community of all building with one goal in mind sounds like one appropritate way of describing it, but it's grander than that.
It's a basic understanding that we all must visit to coexist...
Peace is the frame to the bigger picture, but compassion is the compass.
Sharing is the key...
We all have colors to mix and use to paint our own signature to the mural of life.
What do we share?
Everything you can is the answer.
We wake up with Grace and without our permission and have whatever we do to give it all again, so what do we have to give?
Everything we are and have without regret or fear is the answer.
What do I do?
What do you do?
I do not know, but I will give my all.
Right now this is an idea. This is a concept and a hope... this is my passion and my torch. Turbulent like flight and extreme at times, this is real and up to us all to decide how to write, for it is written.

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