Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is an organization that welcomes community support to help raise funds for community needs.

Today A Thousand WordZ stands as a shell of what it could be. The idea is great. We've raised funds this year for Hurricane relief and through our music collaborative (C.U.S.P.) Community Urban Soul Project, we've raised funds for Breast Cancer last November. Our November 10th, 2005 show at the Oakland Metro sparked a realization among the artists that witnessed and participated that community is greater than working alone. Sharing is beautiful and helps take some burden away from isolated attempts to achieve a goal. So, since musicians are clearly into making music this thread of commonality and the will to share our gifts to make a positive change in our immediate communities glues us to this idea of humanity. Humanity can only exist when sharing is involved. So won't you share with us? Share in this idea of community and help us help us all.

Take a look around the sidebars and see which blog you'd like to display your talent. Are you a photographer or visual artist? Are you a musician looking to join a solid community? Are you a comic strip writer? Are you a citizen looking to change the status quo, the way things exist? Are you a poet, a creative writer, an activist writer...etc? Do you want to share in a growing community of poeple who want to share of themselves to be a community? Welcome.

Look below

  1. Make our blogs your homepage and surf the net easy with your community just a click away.
  2. Stay informed with events and send us your events to post for the community to share in and participate.
  3. Encourage and support the arts by submitting your writings, visual arts, links to your music, etc... there is a blog for everyone and almost anything and if there isn't and you have one we can link ourselves to, please email Atiim Chenzira at and let us build our network.
  4. Remember: change doesn't just happen it is created.

"You don't fail.... You give up"
I will never fail at building community, because I will never give up. -Atiim

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